Inspiration on the Best Medicine Bathroom Cabinet

Its a whole mood to get your bathroom items declutter and keep them safe. Here are some advice on the top selected medicine wall mounted cabinet for you.

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Bathroom clutter, begone! An essential for any bathroom, cabinets keep prescriptions, bandages, toiletries, towels, and more in one centralized location while keeping your floor space clear. Crafted from solid wood, our wall-mounted cabinet showcases beadboard doors in a neutral espresso finish, white, etc to meet all your preference and perfect for a wide variety of powder room aesthetics. Be sure to have drywall anchors and screws on hand for installation!

Choose Your Size & Installation Type

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Installation size and type are two key factors when choosing a medicine cabinet for your home. Consider how much space you have, which type of installation you’d prefer, and how much storage you need.



Before choosing a medicine cabinet, it’s best to measure your desired space first so that you can pick the right size. Start by measuring the width of the sink area or bathroom vanity. The medicine cabinet should be the same width or narrower than the sink area or bathroom vanity. Then measure the space between the top of the bathroom vanity and the bottom of the vanity lights. Don’t forget to provide enough clearance on each side and above the sink faucet to open the cabinet doors fully. We recommend leaving at least 3″ of space between the bottom of the medicine cabinet and the top of the faucet.


Small medicine cabinets are best used above single vanities or placed side-by-side above a double vanity. Large medicine cabinets are better suited for double vanities and offer even more bathroom storage.


Installation Type

We’ve outlined the three main installation types to help you choose the one that works best for your space.


Surface-Mount: Surface-mount medicine cabinets are mounted on the surface of the wall. This type of medicine cabinet is easy to install by yourself and doesn’t require moving any plumbing or electrical lines. Surface-mount medicine cabinets include any screws and mounting hardware required for installation. These units tend to stick out a few inches from the wall.

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Recessed: Recessed medicine cabinets are installed into a hole in the wall to create a built-in look. These medicine cabinets can be deeper than surface-mount designs, granting you more storage. Though these medicine cabinets often require professional installation, recessed medicine cabinets are a great space-saving option since they don’t stick out from the wall.


Corner Mount: Corner-mount medicine cabinets are installed in the corner of the bathroom and often placed above corner vanities. This style is an excellent choice for small bathrooms because they make the most of unused corner space.

Note that any type be it rectangular or square in shape can be mounted at the corner to create that minimalistic effect.

Choose Your Design

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Medicine cabinets can be just as stylish as they are practical. They come in a wide range of designs to match the aesthetic of your bathroom – from classic to contemporary. Elements like the frame, shape, and material will help you find one that matches your style.


With both frameless and framed medicine cabinet options, it’s easy to find one that best suits your bathroom.


Frameless: Frameless medicine cabinets are a sleek, modern option – especially for recessed medicine cabinets. There are two edge styles: flat and beveled. Flat edges are great for creating a bold, minimalist look, while beveled edges can add a soft, timeless feel to the medicine cabinet.

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Frame: Medicine cabinets with frames offer a classic look and come in a variety of finishes to match the finishes throughout the bathroom. Because of the frame, this type of medicine cabinet is less likely to show fingerprints on the edge of the mirror.

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Tri-View: These medicine cabinets feature three mirrored doors that open to a full-size interior. The interior space comes in two options: one single cabinet that can be accessed from the three doors, or three separate cabinets that can be accessed from each individual door. Because tri-view medicine cabinets are typically wider than standard medicine cabinets, there’s enough space for more than one person to get ready.

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Design Style

Whiles some may want it contemporary, others prefer the antique or traditiona style. Which ever way the setting of your entire house or interior design will play much influence in this decision

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Number of Shelves

The number of interior shelves is another thing to keep in mind when choosing a medicine cabinet. Think about what types of items you plan storing. If you want to store tall items like electric toothbrushes, opt for a medicine cabinet with one or two shelves that allow enough clearance for your items. For smaller items like cosmetics, skin care, or medications, choose a medicine cabinet with three or four shelves to maximize storage space.

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Door Style

Depending on where you find yourself and your style of interior decor. You may want it open or closed (with door) or without door. Which ever way, you will still find what you want to complement your decor and give you the storage you want.

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Because they’re located in the bathroom, medicine cabinets are made from durable materials that can withstand heat and moisture. Materials like plastic, aluminum, wood, and stainless steel are popular options. For Furwoodd we use basically solid wood for our products in order to withstand all moisture and unfavorite conditions and finished in desired colors.

Choose Any Additional Features

Make the most of your bathroom storage with these helpful features.

Mirrored Interior: Medicine cabinets with mirrored interiors make it easier to see everything inside. Plus, you don’t need to close the cabinet doors to use a mirror – you can use one of the interior mirrors while using your toiletries.

Adjustable Shelves: Customize your bathroom storage with adjustable shelves. Accommodate taller toiletries with plenty of vertical space or add in extra shelves to stash small items.

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Concealed Hinges: 

Concealed hinges appear invisible when the cabinet is closed. These types of hinges are installed on the inside of the cabinet to create a sleek, stylish appearance.

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We hope you enjoyed this inspiration to help you make an informed decision. We’d love to have you here again. Kindly Share to your friends and family. They will love to see this!

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