How to Decorate the Boring wall

Take to the walls and turn your prized possessions into true conversation pieces! Decorate your walls with floating shelves in the laundry room for storage, in the living room over the fireplace, gallery style in a hallway, or to showcase collectibles in the home office. For a spa-like retreat, use as a bathroom saver shelf to display small toiletries for overnight guests. Whether traditional or modern farmhouse, this floating wall shelf is suitable for any room around the home. Our Wall decors ranges from all shapes; square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular etc. See these ideas

Consider the Area of Decor

Different areas of the home requires different styles of floating shelves. Areas such as the bathroom or Kitchen may require industrial or rustic designs. 
  1. Living Room Walls
These areas are the most visited part of the house. You don’t want your guest to feel so boring whiles enjoying some movie night. 

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 2. Dining Areas

These are just perfect for that little wall space at the dining area. They’re relatively easy to build and they have a solid look and a minimalist design. To build these shelves you need wood board, plywood, nails, a glue gun and your choice of finish which can be stain or paint or nothing at all if you prefer a natural look. Look for the specific area where you’re planning to install the shelves at the dining area. You can shop for this now.

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 3. Living room/ Library

There’s so much more to these shelves than meets the eye. What begins as a set of three simple shelves can turn into a dramatic, full-wall bookcase that puts the finest libraries to shame. The magic is made possible by two mounting positions on the back of each shelf: the frame can go in the outer position for solo or vertical arrangements, or the inner position to accommodate a wide, horizontal arrangement. The entire thing is expertly milled from solid ash and includes all the hardware you’ll need, right down to a template poster that makes mounting easy.

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4. Living room

Hexagallery Geometric Decorative Wall Mounted Floating Shelves Set is a complete decorating solution to add unique style to your space and highlight your prized possessions. These honeycomb floating shelves are crafted from lightweight wood composite in a smooth black finish. Each kit contains 4 shelves: (4) 10 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches for all. Create your own personal wall display using these geometric shelves together or separately. They are perfect for creating a unique focal point in any room to display photos, books, antiques and other knick knacks to make your space your own.

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5. Kitchen/ Bar area/ Kids room

Adelaide Maze Multipurpose Floating Shelf brings a unique set of qualities to the table, featuring 5 fully functional shelves with built-in edge support. A modern tier design, and an outmatched quality that will bring to question the division between a wall shelf, and absolute perfection. This wondrously crafted design is a statement of confidence. That will leave you scrambling for knick-knacks and trinkets to display on your brand new addition to your home or office environment.

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6.Visitors lounge/ Kitchen

Store essentials in this simple yet elegant stoneware canister, available in several sizes and three different modern hues. Complete with a rich acacia wood lid, this canister is perfect for everything from grains in the kitchen to cotton balls in the bathroom. Details You’ll Appreciate Elegant, modern design with multiple size options Ideal for storing pantry items, bath essentials, and more.

Available in Dark Blue and Black. Kindly leave an order note specifying your prefered color.

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