Woww This is Not Real Sky?

This is an artificial Skylight that mimic real daylight sky to bring nature close to us. See how it works and how you can have it
The LED Sky Ceilings LED Panel 36w is uniquely designed to transform any interior with superb sky imagery and quality light.
Why buy this product?
LED Sky Ceilings is a leading supplier of innovative and beautiful lighting that enhances any space with a wow factor that visitors, customers and staff will appreciate.
The top-quality LED panels simulate daylight and realistic high-resolution images have a visually spectacular impact, transforming ceilings with a feeling of brightness, lightness and open space.
Crystal-clear images on ultra-thin LED panels lift and enhance the interior space and give quality, energy-efficient light.
As the colour temperature of the LED Sky Ceilings matches daylight, this helps to create and support a positive mood for all.
LED Sky Ceilings developed the panels initially for the healthcare sector to provide a more positive environment for patients and it has become the preferred supplier of unique, uplifting lighting in many other sectors.
The non-glare panels have a long maintenance free life of 50,000 hours or 5-10 years and generate a sense of the outdoors, easing anxiety and stress.
In order to install the product, the ceiling type must be suspended ceiling. If the ceiling type you want to apply is not suspended ceiling, you should first contact a suspended ceiling company to ensure that the suspended ceiling is made. You can still apply sky panels without suspended ceilings. For this, we have a surface-mounted model, but we do not recommend this model as it does not give a fully artificial window effect.
The LED Sky Ceilings panel has a full two-year warranty and is designed for the widest range of settings in education, healthcare, retail and office, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
Application on wall
Furwoodd’s sky ceiling can be mounted on wall and this is called the “illuminous Virtual Window”
Application on plasterboard/ POP suspended ceilings:
Sky panels can be applied one by one on drywall ceilings. However, in this application method, the distance between each panel is required. This is out of purpose. Since our goal is to apply panels in groups / groups as much as possible, we need to make some interventions on the drywall suspended ceilings. To summarize this intervention; It is necessary to open a desired size in the drywall suspended ceiling and place T24 carrier in this gap.
In the suspended ceiling model, virtually no operation is required for sky panel application. Only after the roof panel has been dismantled by applying force upwards, is it sufficient to place the sky panels in these gaps and make the electrical connection by our team of engineers.
Gives refreshment and makes one feel good
Adds architectural value to interior
Supports or totally replace current lighting
Meets window needs (especially in basements)
Changes the negative effect of gloomy areas
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