As the new year’s eve -2021 came to being as many never expected, we’d like to thank all our partners for pulling together on what has been in a year (2020) of unparalleled challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic reconfigured our operations and business relationships in ways no one could fully envision.

And yet, despite the challenges and hardships, we’ve also strengthened our relationships and identified new opportunities. In fact, we look forward to 2021.

We’ve been hard at work on two or more long awaited product launches. The first one will bring the benefits of our research-verified illusions of nature to new home spaces. The second one will bring therapeutic depth and deeper biophilic enhancement to our flagship Sky Ceiling line. Basically Sky Ceiling and Illuminous Windows.

In this years of 2021, we look forward to introducing what we believe will boost and strengthen the architectural industry, specifically with respect to interior decor.

Sky ceiling will bring our popular Digital Cinema Virtual and nature that human feels embraced with. Speaking at the products Launch which was held at the company’s HQ in Agona Swedru on 28th January 2021, Steve Dadzie, the CEO and Co-founder said this initiative came in as a results of the impact of covid-19 where “humans” are restricted in many ways affecting our ways by which we interact with nature.

Speaking with some architects during the launch, the CEO and head of product design at furwoodd, Steve Dadzie stated that the product comes in panels which can be installed on any ceiling type as recessive LED Lighting System. The company now has only 2×2 panel size available and looking to have more sizes and price for one panel sells at Ghc500 with minimum order of 4 panels. It comes with FREE installation, The CEO added.

The product can be purchased via its ecommerce website via this link

After years of observation and development, we’ve succeeded in deepening the experience of illusory skies. Furwoodd is engineered to incorporate a vivid temporal dimension to our perceived open space illusions by faithfully recreating the sunrise-to-sunset arc. Details on the unique light engineering and alternating algorithms that give rise to nature will be forthcoming.

However, I can’t help but to reveal just a little bit more. Unlike the regular lighting system in our homes or offices, Our New sky ceiling will bring a lot more connection with nature as well as scientifically proven records of being therapeutic- Mr Paul Cyrus States.

These new products launch will help boost the architectural industry and hope to gain popularity in the market soon. With much gratitude, we thank all our clients, colleagues, and partners for supporting Furwoodd’s vision in the furniture-architectural space with nature-inspired, evidence-based design methodologies of manufacturing to create products that enrich and sustain life.

The CEO again stated that this sky ceiling is meant to be installed in any place of human inhabitant; homes-living room, kids room, study room, bedroom; the hospital setting- this adds speedy recovery to most patients as proven scientifically to be; Hotels, Pubs, Schools, Churches, Clubs, Offices etc. Last, but certainly not least, we wish you and your families a safe holiday season. We look forward to 2021 and hope to be of service to you and your clients.

Warm Regards,

Steve Dadzie (CEO)

Paul Cyrus (Co-founder)

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