It is almost impossible as humans to live without the use of trees for various reasons and products such as papers, building, furniture just name them. And as a furniture company, we consume the trees- no doubt about that, however if we replace them whiles we cut them down, we will still enjoy the benefits trees contribute to human survival.

There is a popular adage in Africa that goes like “…if you take a friend’s item for use even without informing him/ her and immediately returns it after use, it’s just like you never touched it”.
We at Furwoodd believe something really needs to change. The world population is growing by the minute and so is the global consumer class.

In spite of this, In the community we will also take into account one of our core missions, which is saving the planet by replacing or planting more trees to replace lost ones through diverse means- Through the “Save the Planet” Initiative, we allocate 10% of profit outside the charity program to help plant more trees to secure the environment to help the future of the world.
“We are going to schools, hospitals, dam-sites – and wherever we can find that needs trees planted, we will do so,” furwoodd CEO -Steve Dadzie says.

As a start, Steve Dadzie said the Commission has identified some places in Accra where the tree planting project will begin. These include some part of Kasoa-Weija-Accra Road Stretch.

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